Welcome to VidyaDrishti

VidyaDrishti, what's this all about?

VidyaDrishti is one of India's first read/write book communities for the "Differently Abled" [so they say], and sighted communities

VidyaDrishti combines literature with tech, to provide your student an immersive learning experience. Your student can read through a meriad of articles and blogs on writing, all while practicing it out on their own, via uploading their own blog.

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Our mission? Why do we exist?

While looking through content, we at VidyaDrishti had quite a few observations.

Firstly, many students in the differently abled and sighted communities, especially between the ages of 8 and 25, have the talent of reading and writing. However, we realized that these talents were not honed by training and practice, and the community just didn't hear about them. VidyaDrishti aims to show their hidden talent.

Also, a lot of authors, even those by profession, had written a myriad of content, which was not known widely. You'd hear about the big guns like Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Roald Dahl, etc etc. However, authors like Natalie Babbitt, Mitali Perkins, Paro Anand, Nandhika Nambi were not known widely, even though they had written some very good pieces of writing, or so the critics say. We believe that all these authors deserve a chance to be under the focus lights, and thus, that's what we're planning to do.

Lastly, even with wonderful organizations like BookShare working toward an accessible world for readers, this world is still not the most accessible. VidyaDrishti aims to change that, by communicating with these organizations and also with the authors of books and pieces of writing.

What do we give you when you call the waitor?

VidyaDrishti is going to introduce a number of projects. Here is a list of them.

We at VidyaDrishti believe in Interaction. Thus, registrants can write their own articles, which will then be published on our site for everyone to look at and learn from.

Another way in which we bring about learning via interaction is going to be via events. VidyaDrishti currently has a hardworking events team, which is going to keep you company via events such as monthly and yearly competitions, monthly book discussions, and author keynotes.

VidyaDrishti is closely bound to tech. Thus, the majority of our operations will be conducted online via our website and instant message communications.

Still confused?

Feel free to get in touch with us from our page.